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June 29, 2015

zesty kale caesar salad

This is the holy kitchen trifecta, as far as I’m concerned: simple, delicious, and nutritious. If you’re feeling all gourmet

June 23, 2015

sweet potato, lentil & goat cheese quesadillas with toasted pumpkin seeds

These are surprisingly simple. Cook your lentils and sweet potato together, then mash in the spices. Assemble the quesadillas, heat

May 26, 2015

green goddess dressing

My most-popular salad dressing, this might just single-handedly change the way you feel about salad! Dairy-free, this dressing is tangy

May 20, 2015

mushroom & thyme risotto (oven-baked)

Risotto is so damn delicious but personally, if I have to stand over two pots, adding hot broth & stirring

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