Sweet “Suntella” & Strawberry Sandwich

This lunchbox contains a favourite treat in my house, a “Suntella” and sliced strawberry sandwich. The Suntella is a school-safe, healthier version of Nutella that you can quickly whip up at home from basic ingredients, including sunflower seed butter, cocoa, honey. The recipe can be found at p. 44 of my cookbook, Real Food for Real Families. Along with the sandwich, I’ve added a local pear and some sliced raw veggies to round out the lunchbox.

Strawberry Sunflower Mason Jar Mornings

Simplest healthy breakfast for a busy family? Mason Jar Oats, sweetened naturally. Assemble the night before, let sit in the fridge overnight, grab and go in the morning.

strawberry banana nice cream

Damn. This one is GOOD. And it’s sugar and dairy-free? What?? Cut up your ripe bananas before they brown and throw them in the freezer in a container. If you have pre-frozen bananas, you can whip this up in 5 minutes. The kids and the thirteen year-old babysitter all agreed this was the bomb.

Breakfast for Lunch(Box)!

Think outside of the lunchbox!  Overnight oats assemble in 3 minutes the night before, soften overnight in the fridge, and pop into the lunchbox in the morning.  So easy, and kids love the idea of breakfast for lunch!  This lunch features my Strawberry Sunflower Mason Jar Mornings recipe, with a few blueberries thrown in for good … Continue reading Breakfast for Lunch(Box)!

ain’t jemina berries syrup

Instead of an artificial breakfast syrup, we prefer this healthier topping alternative that takes only 5 minutes to prepare.  My fruit-based Ain’t Jemima syrups are higher in fibre and nutrients than a store-bought syrup, and free of refined sugar.  There are three different flavours featured in my cookbook: Ain’t Jemima Berries, Strawberry Banana and Strawberry … Continue reading ain’t jemina berries syrup

Snobby S’mores

This is my version of a high-end s’more. We love the original, but these take it up a notch and make a great addition to a deck party as an appie with a chilled crisp white wine, or as a simple dessert with an al fresco dinner. I should note that the 9 year-olds demolished the leftovers, so they clearly work just as well for a more lowbrow crew. 🙂